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About Us

Grass Market is the wholesale division of Perth Artificial Grass, a reputable wholesale artificial grass supplier providing top-quality fake grass to our clients, both local and international. We buy in large volumes and stock in our inventory to sell in wholesale high volumes to our clients.

Our Clients

As a premier wholesale supplier of artificial grass, we work with direct customers such as DIY homeowners as well as trade customers including landscapers, building contractors, synthetic turf retailers and municipalities among others.

Our grass is perfect for any of the following installations among several others

  • Residential and commercial landscaping
  • Outdoor playing areas such as school playgrounds, outdoor sporting fields like hockey and football as well as putting greens
  • Artificial grass installations for interior décor applications

We offer the best selection of products that will help the end-customer enjoy all the benefits of an artificial grass installation. These include, among others, saving time, money and water as well as providing a beautiful, maintenance-free surface all year long.

We can proudly say that we have supplied artificial grass which has been successfully installed in residential lawns, car parks, playing grounds in nurseries and high schools as well as playing fields in recreational clubs. All throughout the city and beyond, Grass Market has left a print in great artificial grass installation projects and our portfolio is growing by the day.

We enjoy a great mutually-beneficial professional relationship with our clients which has set the perfect foundation for customer loyalty. Grass Market is always excited about expanding our network of clients even as more and more contractors and landscaping companies discover that they have everything to gain by selecting our company for all their wholesale supply needs.

Why Choose Us?

In a very competitive market, we stand out as the best choice for a wholesale artificial grass supplier for several reasons.

Guaranteed Product Quality
We work closely with the best manufacturers in the industry and have an intense testing process for our products which helps in quality control and guarantee. Our artificial grass products are durable, offer great performance in terms of color retention and are UV-stable.
We also boast in the aesthetic value of our products. We stock high-density artificial grass that has a realistic texture and feels and is natural-looking. This combination of features adds up to a turf that will give a pristine appearance to any surface it is installed on.

Budget-Friendly Prices
We buy large volumes from manufacturers and consequently enjoy great economies of scale. We offer unmatched wholesale prices to our trade clients as well as competitive discounts and attractive offers during clearing out sales among others.
We operate at honest and fairly low profit margins and ensure that our clients enjoy the benefits of our large scale operation and the economies we enjoy by working directly with manufacturers. We offer competitively budget-friendly prices for all our products.

One-Stop Store
We stock a wide range of artificial grass products suitable for different installation needs. You can look through our products page for fake grass that best matches your specific needs and fits well within your budget. A playground installation, lawn installation, putting greens installations or whatever else it may be, if you need it, we have it.
Grass Market warehouses are large and we stock large volume of the best artificial grass products for our diverse clientele.

Efficient Delivery
We are committed to ensuring the convenience of our clients through every step of their interaction with Grass Market. We appreciate that time is a valued asset for all our clients and make every effort possible to ensure we waste none in unnecessary delivery delays.
We pride in providing some of the quickest times in the industry, and our local clients can expect their wholesale synthetic turf order at their site of choice within hours from the time of dispatch at our warehouses.
For our clients in other states and even outside the country, Grass Market makes the necessary arrangements for same-day dispatch and express delivery.
With our company, you do not have to worry about prior bookings and order placement as we cater to emergencies also. We have the capacity to meet your demand on very short and we will definitely exert every effort to ensure you receive the products ordered in time.

Customer Service
At Grass Market, the value we attach to our customers is evident in the top-class customer service and support we provide. You can look forward to interacting with a friendly team that will assist you accordingly and ensure you get the most out of every experience with the company.
For the DIY enthusiasts among our clients, our expertly trained and experienced installation techniques will provide valuable tips as well as answer any questions you may have regarding the installation of our premier artificial grass products.

Attractive Warranty
Artificial grass products from Grass Market come with some of the best warranties in the industry. While the superior quality of all our products is undeniable, we are cognizant and appreciate the fact that a product warranty puts our clients’ minds at peace. All our products have manufacturer-backed warranties of up to 15 years.

What Our Clients Have To Say
There are more than the highlighted six reasons why you should choose us as your artificial grass wholesale supplier. We do not expect you to just take our word for it, which is why we are always open to reviews and testimonials. We have a portfolio of clients who have expressed their satisfaction with our services, giving stellar reviews and even going ahead to refer our company to others. Find more in the testimonials from previous clients.

Get in touch

Getting Grass Market products is quite simple. Get in touch and receive a free estimate. After placing your order, you can rest assured that our team will work to quickly dispatch and deliver to your preferred location.
Reach us today for more information on the products we have in stock and the incredibly competitive prices for our products. We have an able team of customer service representatives that will help find the right product for your project.

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